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Learning From A Splendid Failure

7 Mar

Uh oh... Oscar took a little tumble this year...

The 2011 Oscars:  Let’s call them a splendid failure for 2 reasons:

1.  I didn’t even get to watch the show! I was away for a conference and the hotel’s cable was out… when I called to express my dismay at missing my favorite awards show, the concierge apologized for the hotel’s ‘incompetent cable.’ At least I got a little laugh out of the situation.  Thank goodness for the Internet…

2.  And the ratings? Not quite as ‘Oscar worthy’ as I predicted.  Instead of seeing an increase in ratings, the ratings for the 2011 show fell 10% from the 2010 awards show.

Let’s look at my original predictions and see what we can learn from this failure:

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